March 14, 2021 – By NJP

Opening Day for New Jersey Girls High School Volleyball is Tuesday, March 16th!!!

High School volleyball is a volatile sport. Sometimes impossible to predict. You would have to be totally nuts to take 75 games from the schedule and try to determine who will win each game! Especially with ZERO data from this year so far on Opening Day. Well… NJP will put their preseason rating system on the line and as you see below, has crossed the line of insanity. All in good fun. We know what you are going to say after looking at the predictions below….

We have to say, covering the girls is much different than the boys. Pure volume of games is off the chart. We are used to picking 10-12 games per night on the schedule for the boys but over 100 games on the schedule? Really? Love it!

Flipping coins in continuous time: The Poisson process - Systematic Learning
Hoping we can do better than this method!

So here goes…. for our pre-season rating system to be valid, we need to clear the barometer of 40 out of 75. Anyone with a coin flip can accomplish that statistically. So what is considered good? 45? 50? And what is considered great… 55?

So we are setting the bar at 60 for picking winners… which is pretty dang bold!! Awww… what the heck, we are nuts right? We can do better…

The goal is 65

We know we will probably fall short here but… Stay tuned to hear how we did when we report the news on Wednesday morning… Should look something like this…


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