April 8, 2021

One of the most interesting groups is the N1G1. Having Bogota as an 11 seed may provide them with a much easier road to the sectional group final. They are clear top seed in the NJP ranking formula and ratings algorithm. Kinnelon, who got a late start like Bogota did due to world conditions, draws Bogota in the first round. Such a shame as Kinnelon is #4 and Bogota is #1 in the NJP rankings for the group, so this game may have been better served much later in the tournament. #1 seed Midland Park was a top 5 team on the NJP preseason analysis but they also got a late start to the season and have not played a difficult schedule which has left them with a 21 rating instead of a 28. They are undefeated and are projected to produce a Midland Park/Bogota final at this point. Park Ridge should be in a good position to get to the semi-final match.

We know that anything can happen in NJ high school volleyball. NJP projects that Bogota, Midland Park, or Park Ridge far overmatch the other group members in relation to rating points. If Kinnelon can beat Bogota in round 1, they would also be a high candidate to win the group, but that will be a very tall order. As far as sleepers in the group, the winner of the Pequannock/Waldwick match-up could certainly advance to the final if they are able to defeat Midland Park in Round 2. But again, that seems unlikely based on what we have seen thus far in the short season.

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