April 9, 2021 – By NJP

N2G3 has one of the largest groups at 15. NJP see’s three teams competing at the top level in this grid. NJP has Mendham as the highest rated team. They received a #3 seed. We think this grid is just perfect for them to repeat their sectional title. #1 seed Chatham and #4 seed Summit are the most formidable competition for the Minutemaids. With them being on the same side of the grid, they will only face one of those teams and it will happen if they reach the finals. They have the experience to prevail in tough games. Chatham and Summit have had great seasons, have highly talented teams, and we expect them to meet in the semi-final game.

NJP thinks it will be very difficult for teams to compete with the top 3. Nine of the 15 do not have winning records and 11 of the 15 are outside the top 100.

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