April 9, 2021 – By NJP

This is another grid, N2G4, that is skewed heavily in favor of the top 2 teams. Both Northern Hunterdon and Westfield are top 25 teams. They have too much firepower for other teams in the grid, outside of each other. We project that it is highly likely that they will face each other in the finals.

Union City is our #3 seed in this group. We had Union City approaching the top 20 earlier in the short Spring season but it was clear from their game with Hudson Catholic that it will be difficult for them to compete with the very best teams in the state. Although Columbia is undefeated, we still have them a solid 9-10 points per set behind the top 2.

A match-up of Northern Hunterdon and Westfield would be an amazing final. Northern Hunterdon was our #2 team preseason. Westfield has been lights out lately and is heading to the Union County final later this week.

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