April 11, 2021 – By NJP

We hope everyone has had some fun with our game selections each night. This has been a season like no other and we found it to be an interesting way to introduce our rating formula to the NJ HS Girls volleyball community during our first season. Hopefully, it’s provided some motivation on both sides of the ball.

With the Girls high school volleyball season starting their state tournament sectionals this week, we wanted to give a quick NJP Predictor update on the season thus far. Even with a slow opening night, NJP produced a 86.3% overall success rate on picking winners for the Spring Girls Volleyball season. Over 900 games have been fed into the math algorithm thus far as we head toward post-season activity.

Here is our post from 3/18/21 where we set 85% as our target success rate. https://njpowerranking.com/2021/03/18/predictor-picks-for-3-18-21/

And here is our July 1 post talking about the concept…

Coming Soon

“The Predictor” – Using our ranking system to pick winning teams and projected scores daily. It factors in recent trends, home court advantage, and most of all our current ratings. Check back daily to see how your team is expected to fare against your opponent. And for you underdogs… use the motivation to prove us wrong!

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Stay tuned for bracket predictions as we wind down the 2021 Spring volleyball season.

We also hope to produce a full array of year-end awards as part of our full year-round coverage of your favorite sport.

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