April 12, 2021 – By NJP

We will be tracking the NJP Predictor picks through our Bracketology page as we make selections for every playoff game for the Spring 20 sectionals. Each grid relays the game in the bracket as well as additional info including the teams conference and division, overall NJP rank in NJ, overall record, seed, and of course the NJP rating for each team.

To select a winner for each game, you will see one team will have a higher rating than the other. Each rating point is worth one point in a set. So for example, if Northern Highlands plays Indian Hills, Northern Highlands has the 30.0 rating which represents the best team in NJ (the highest rating as #1) and Indian Hills has a 21.78 rating. If you subtract the 2, the NJP formula projects IHA would win by 8.22 points per set. Thus a 25-17, 25-16 (2-0) IHA win prediction.

The Predictor finished the regulat season at 86%. The state playoffs are usually a much more difficult path but we have been able to maintain at least a 80% win rate despite the intensity of playoffs and the usual array of upsets that occur. We will see where we come up for the full playoff bracket.

We prepared this page to give you one easy page to scroll through to see all brackets in one place.

This is the best time of year for NJ Girls high school volleyball…. The short season has just flown by but the memories will last forever. Enjoy every second…


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