April 25, 2021 – By NJP

Our first week is complete and NJP has put together Ranking #1 the NJ Boys High School Volleyball. It has been an alarming experience in reviewing all of the data thus far for the 6 days of action. Most notably, 42 high school teams have yet to play a game. The rumor mill is far reaching these days but I think it is pretty clear that many of these school are observing pandemic protocols. We are moving toward the promised land with vaccine deployment reaching over 4M residents, and we are almost halfway there. Things are getting better for sure, but please be careful and patient.

It’s also interesting to see the many games that are being live streamed free of charge. This is an awesome way to stay up to date and watch boys volleyball. It is equally as interesting to note that some teams are not wearing a mask as protocol. Our goal at NJP is try to enforce a message about being able to have the boys get to the end of their season. Hats off to the girls who made a herculean effort to stay safe. It was not perfect though. Numerous teams had cancellation, and down periods, and we even had a sectional final game cancelled. So let’s not take any chances at the risk of losing our season.

A few notes about our first ranking. There is not a lot of data to process yet. Just 154 games. Many teams have not played yet and they are EXCLUDED from the rankings. We will add them back in once they start playing games. Some teams have just 1 or two games under their belt. We expect to have more refined data by the end of week two. Also note, you will see larger swings in data in the beginning of the season rather than at the end. So expect a large amount of teams jumping around in the first few weeks. One loss or one win may skew the data early on. So take early season rankings with a grain of salt.

Some teams have gotten out to a hot start as you will see… good luck to all the boys this week. Stay safe.

RANKING #1 – 4/25/21


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