May 18, 2021 – By NJP

Here are the preliminary seed analysis for the NJ HS boy volleyball state playoff sectionals…

See our Blog Post tonight for more analysis… certainly a few glaring differences in seeds from our expectation but some are certainly spot on… SPF at #3 in North 2 is just a question mark that we need to understand the logic a bit better on. Remember, these seeds are still subject to change over the next 24 hours…


Who should be the #1 seed in the North 2 State Playoff Sectional?
One thought on “Preliminary State Playoff Seed Analysis (Updated)”
  1. Who votes on these seeds? Some of them are just outrageous. What is the criteria? Is there any or is it just a few people throwing out opinions not based on factual analysis? Seems like there needs to be a committee who actually have real criteria so the biased opinions are removed from the equation. If NJ Volleyball wants to be taken seriously, look at what the colleges in NJ do when deciding seedings.

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