July 27, 2021 – By NJP

As we prepare for the upcoming girl’s high school season, NJP has been diligently updating its database of girls high school players for both their school team and their club teams. Our pre-season analysis will be launching very soon and some of the key elements are dictated by a number of important factors.

One of those factors are rostered club players. Players who continuing playing at the club level are almost certain to have a positive impact on their high school teams squads. Now there are numerous other things to consider including how successful those clubs have been as well as the level of play and the age of play.

NJP joins this information with analytics on returning stats as well as stats lost to graduation. It factors known player movement and transfers, and it tracks the potential impact of known high caliber freshman as well as JV players. This pre-season algorithm produced some respectful results last season with its final top 5 prediction of the Girls Spring season as follows:

IHA finished #1 in the state and won the Non-Public A North Sectional title

North Hunterdon finished 16-2, #9 in NJ, and won the North Group 2 Sectional title

Bogota finished 10-0, #4 in NJ, and won the North 1 Group 1 Sectional Championship

Demarest finished 14-2, #8 in NJ, and runner up in the North 1 Group 2 Sectional

Southern finished 17-1, #3 in NJ, and won the South Group 4 Sectional Championship.

For complete Pre-season prediction for Spring 2021, click this LINK

For complete Final Rankings for the Spring Girls season from the Spring, Click this LINK


293 of the 322 high school teams played during the Spring season with COVID.

The NJP database will continue to be updated as we get new information. We have two looks for you in these reports. The first is a list by high school rosters. You will see 2021 Spring stats for high school varsity players and you will also see graduating seniors included in the report. Also included are club players that we have identified from that high school. The second report is the same information, but is sorted by club rosters so you can view which high school players played on the same club teams. If you can provide additional data that is missing from this presentation, please contact njpowerranking@gmail.com. We appreciate your support and help.

Club Rosters for Spring 2021


High School Crossover – HS Rosters showing corresponding Club Teams by Player


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