September 17, 2021 – By NJP

The number of unbeaten NJ high school girl’s volleyball teams has dropped to 61 as of 9/16/21. We project this number to drop to 10 by month end as the schedule wears on for the next two weeks.

The big choice to determine is how many teams will finish the season at that mark, if any, and who will it be. The last team standing is, in all probability, going to be NJ’s highest rated team. Although we had three teams who finished undefeated in the Spring, Bogota, Mother Seton, and Columbia, all three did not make the top 3 in our final ranking. Certainly could have made some arguments, especially for Bogota at 10-0.

In 2019, our last full season in the record books, The lowest loss total was 2, accomplished by three teams. 4 teams had just 3 losses, and 5 teams had just 4. Here are some of the top records from 2019… Note that IHA had just one loss to NJ teams (Old Tappan), the rest were from out of state teams in 2019. Parody is a wonderful thing for our sport.

2019 NJ Girls HS Volleyball Top Teams

We will be surveying our NJ volleyball community to determine their opinions on who will last the longest as well as still be alive come the end of this month…

Take a shot at this new survey and see what the NJ volleyball community thinks…

Which teams will be unbeaten on September 30th?

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