October 13, 2021 – By NJP

Seven is the lucky number of unbeaten teams remaining in NJ girl’s high school volleyball. The state cutoff is less than a week away on the 19th, and the thought of having a half dozen unbeaten teams at that time is a bit unusual. It’s great for the NJ volleyball community to have such strong representation in the state. And we all know, there could only be at most one unbeaten team (or more likely zero) at the end of the season. So this is also an exercise of who will be the last unbeaten team if we end at zero.

The 7 teams remaining are #1 IHA, #2 Demarest, #3 Williamstown, #4 Kent Place, #5 East Brunswick, #12 Hudson Catholic, and #39 MKA.

The Bergen County tournament design will eliminate one of the top two teams as that grid winds down. Both IHA and Demarest have yet to lose a set all season. This will be an amazing match-up of NJ’s best teams.

Williamstown has lost 4 sets this season but has the best record in NJ at 21-0. We can’t see the Braves losing before the cutoff or before the state tourney starts.

Kent Place is participating in both the Union County Tournament and the Prep Tournament. We have them favored to win both tournaments but they do run the risk of facing some pretty high caliber teams along the way. MKA is in the same boat as they are participating in the Essex County tournament and Prep tournament. The big difference is they are not top seeded in either. We expect they will lose a game in one of the tournaments before they complete. Kent Place and MKA could face each other in the Prep tourney, so one will certainly be eliminated.

East Brunswick seems likely to survive the state cutoff date and remain unbeaten when they enter the state tournament. EB has two lost sets in the past three games.

Hudson Catholic did lose their first set in their last match against West Morris Central. But their road through the cutoff and in the Hudson County tournament should be swift. They have beaten Union City, their probable Hudson County final match-up, twice already.

This is the best time of year for girl’s high school volleyball. Who do you think will be the last undefeated team in NJ?

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