October 24, 2021 – By NJP

As we revisit the Bogota win over Immaculate Heart, we took a deeper dive into the Lady Bucs season and try to determine just how far this team can go this season… the very last game? Maybe…

Ashanna Caviness #28

We chatted with 2 key players on the Bogota team tonight. It’s pretty evident that Bucs are one of the premier programs in New Jersey over the past decade and we can see why. In the past 10 years, The Lady Bucs are 248-37. That’s an 87% win percentage, even better than the NJP Predictor… 🙂

But here is one amazing fact about this current years squad… it has only one senior. It’s our estimation that this team is just scratching the surface on greatness.

Junior Ashanna Caviness has been lights out this fall. She currently leads the entire state in kills. She is a physical specimen, dripping with athleticism, and has been the go-to attacker all season. We asked her why the Bogota program has been so special this season. “It all starts with team work.” Caviness shared. “To us, team work doesn’t only mean to work together, but to respect and trust each other off and on the court.”

Katherine Sura, former St. Peter’s University standout, has taken over the reigns this season for former Bogota legendary head coach Brad DiRupo. Ashanna told us “In the beginning of season, my coach made us write on a piece of paper about what our goals for the season were and most put to be the best team that we can be. We all as a team went to practice and worked super hard to make these goals come true.”

Girls Volleyball: No. 3 Bogota remains undefeated after N1G1 win over Park  Ridge - nj.com

Setter Mia Pimentel has been the quarterback this season and she spoke about the synergy on the court with her teammates. “The great thing about volleyball, other than actually playing, is that you develop these connections with your teammates that is indescribable. Winning big games like that helps you realize that you couldn’t have done it without your teammates being there for you every step of the way.” Pimentel continued…”Over time, your teammates are basically your family. You can’t play well without knowing that you have the support of your teammates with you all the time. Having the same goals goes a long way too. Everyone has to be determined to be the best of the best and to have a great season.” Mia has been a constant, all-around force on the court this season.

#2 Mia Pimentel

Having beaten NJ’s # team, the road to the Bergen County championship does not necessarily get any easier. On Sunday, Bogota will face twice beaten Ridgewood who is riding a 12-game winning streak. And if they win, then play the winner of Demarest and River Dell. Demarest remains unbeaten and if they beat River Dell tomorrow, will most likely be the new NJP #1 team in NJ.

Caviness has shown great leadership as a junior and has the poise and determination, in addition to the power and expertise to take this team to the highest level. “We knew the day before the game that we had to have team confidence and to believe that we can win. We all went on the court and played our hearts out, no matter what and never lost our determination.”

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