December 4, 2021 – By NJP

As we finish up our Fall 2021 season NJ high school girls volleyball awards, we are attaching to this post Award Certificates for all of our NJP awards.

There are almost 1,800 individual certificates included in the following pdf files. The first pdf represents all teams from A-M. The second pdf is for all teams from N-Z.

Depending on your adobe version, you can just search within the pdf by your last name and it will show you the awards you have received. You can then print from that point. You can also just scroll until you get to your team name and see all the awards for your team members or coaches.

For Coaches, you can include these awards with your year-end celebrations and can easily print for the entire team section.

Feel free to download or print from this page… especially if on a desktop or laptop computer. The pdf image may look distorted on a mobile device until you hit the download button but can be viewed and printed in an 8.5″ by 11″ format.

It’s a small token of thanks to the greatest volleyball players, coaches, and fans for the Holiday season from NJP…



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2 thoughts on “NJP Award Certificates”
  1. I love your site and all the current news, updates and rankings throughout the season. Quick question, do all the athletes listed in the top 100 for each category receive honorary certificates?

    1. Hi Owen. Thanks for the kind words. We do a rating system for the five categories of stats. Based on that rating which uses stat per set as a foundation and then factors in schedule strength, we list top 100 and have added certificates for all of those players. We do not have too 100 certificates based on just total stats as we feel it is not an apples to apples indicator. Hope this answers your question. 👍

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