NJP has established a new feature called “Quick Set” where we ask NJ’s best high school volleyball players a quick set of questions and feature the answers daily on the site. Congratulations to the players selected and we appreciate the time taken to jump in and share their thoughts. (Players: Watch your IG messages for future invites) The questions will change throughout the season and we expect some players will repeat as being a part of this content in the future. Let’s applaud these role models for representing NJ’s best!

April 6, 2023

Evan Weiner is a senior, three-sport athlete at Manchester Township. He burst onto the volleyball scene last year as a junior and posted over 300 kills and 46 blocks. In just 2 games this season, he has 33 kills and 6 blocks, propelling the Hawks to two three-set victories.

Tell us about your team this season.

Our coach has been working with us for the past four years and is really proud of where we have come from. I think he is excited for this season and has great expectations for us. Our players all have a really close bond which I think is really important to have in the game. We all understand each other on the court and use that to our benefit. I can always count on my team to have my back whenever, and I think that’s what makes us really special. As a team, we all plan to win the B-south title and work hard everyday at it. I think it’s something we can definitely achieve and hope for the best.

Which schools are your biggest league rivals?

Our biggest rival this year is probably Jackson Liberty.

Tell us about your opening game of the season!

Our opening game of the season was against Holmdel which we took our first win of the season. I thought overall pretty well, and recognized some stuff we need to work on individually and as a whole. It was a fun game and got me excited for the rest of our season.

What’s the best part of being on your school’s volleyball team?
The best part about being on my school’s volleyball team is that we all have great chemistry on and off the court. I can always rely on this team and feel confident with them by my side. Our school is super supportive of us which also makes the atmosphere of the game better and gives us the boost we need sometimes.

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