NJP has established a new feature called “Quick Set” where we ask NJ’s best high school volleyball players a quick set of questions and feature the answers daily on the site. Congratulations to the players selected and we appreciate the time taken to jump in and share their thoughts. (Players: Watch your IG messages for future invites) The questions will change throughout the season and we expect some players will repeat as being a part of this content in the future. Let’s applaud these role models for representing NJ’s best!

April 8, 2023

Max Baczynski is a junior at Ramapo High School. The 6’6″ pin and middle hitter is a solid club player for SOS. Last year as a sophomore, he posted over 50+ kills and 15 blocks. NJP expects some monster numbers from the team captain this season.

Tell us about your team this season.

I am a Junior and play Middle/Opposite at Ramapo High School. My team is definitely a team to look out for this season as we are usually overlooked and haven’t had a great record in the past few seasons. This has given us a different hunger coming into this season. Coach Van Hook along with our assistant coaches have done a terrific job coaching us in the preseason and they share that same desire to win every single game. As the only player who plays club and one of our team captains, I try to bring the energy and togetherness to help us succeed when we step on the court.

Which schools are your biggest league rivals?

I think that our division and conference is very tough, with teams such as Bergenfield, Fair Lawn, and Hackensack always ready to put up a great fight against team that they play. With that being said, I know that my team is ready to make a run for it this season and are always ready to bring it all against the best of the best…

What’s the best part of being on your school’s volleyball team?

The best part of being on this team is the family bond that we have created. Every time I walk into the gym, I am able to call them family, and that is not something that everyone can say. It doesn’t matter if someone makes a mistake, we are all teammates. We have to support each other or else we will not succeed.

Who is a player to watch on your team this season?

One player to look out for this season is our Outside Rocco Riotto. Since last season, he has made tremendous strides in his game and is due for a huge season.

What big games are you looking forward to playing in this season?

Some big games that I am looking forward to are Bergenfield, Don Bosco, Hackensack, and Lakeland. All of these teams are known to always have a great team every year, so we are looking to forward to having a battle with everyone.

Tell us your early season prediction for the best team in NJ?

My prediction for best team in NJ would be Southern as they are returning several key players and are already off to a great start this season.

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