NJP has established a new feature called “Quick Set” where we ask NJ’s best high school volleyball players a quick set of questions and feature the answers daily on the site. Congratulations to the players selected and we appreciate the time taken to jump in and share their thoughts. (Players: Watch your IG messages for future invites) The questions will change throughout the season and we expect some players will repeat as being a part of this content in the future. Let’s applaud these role models for representing NJ’s best!

April 10, 2023

Oliver Hogan is a junior at Summit high school. Hogan had an outstanding sophomore season for the Hilltoppers, smashing 157 kills and putting back 38 blocks. So far in 2023, he is leading the team in kills.

Tell us about your team this season.

Our team this season is bound to take the next step into group 2 state title contenders behind our captains Lucas Allan, Brian Axtel, Adam Witkowski, and James Erday. Our coach, John Ross, has worked meticulously in order to put us all in great positions to succeed and as I said prior I expect us to be right up there as one of the best teams in group 2.

Who is a player to watch on your team this season (other than yourself)?

A player to watch on our team is our returning floor captain Lucas Allan. He really makes our offense run well with the pace in which he sets.

What big games are you looking forward to playing in this season?

I’m really looking forward to 2 big games this year: SPF and Old Bridge. They’ll be a good test since they are the top talent in NJ.

Tell us your early season prediction for the best team in NJ?

I think the best team in New Jersey this year will be SPF. I play club with many of their players such as Tim Ennis, Nick Schmidt, and Jeremy Zimmerman, and I really think their talent level puts them over the edge.

Tell us about your first week of the season!

Our first week of the high school season went very well. We went 3-0 all in straight sets and we overcame lots of adversity missing me and 2 other starters in one of the games.

What’s the best part of being on your school’s volleyball team?

The best part about Summit Boys Volleyball is how much like family the team feels. Even outside of the season, I feel like some of the kids I met through this team have become some of my personal closest friends.

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