March 6, 2020 – By NJP

We have put together our cross-reference analysis of current NJ high schools players who play Club Volleyball. We have presented this report to give the NJ Volleyball community an idea of how many club players have the potential of being on school team rosters for the upcoming season.

A couple of items to note. Where you see a high school in bold, this school does not currently have a volleyball program for boys. Also note that we have a number of unidentified high schools on the bottom of this report and could use the NJ volleyball community’s help to identify these players schools to complete our database.

We have 410 club players listed. 38 of those players (8%) have not had their HS identified. With 149 school teams in 2019 moving to 160 in 2020, the amount of club players per team is roughly 2.5 per team on average. But as you can see, only 71 high school teams have a club player meaning almost 90 do not. And the average calculation is thrown off by teams like SPF and other high count teams.

Kudos to these leading teams for establishing feeder programs that cultivate younger players to get involved in volleyball. Also note that three of the four top teams (BR, HC, and Old Bridge) have school populations over 2,000 students. These teams are always senior rich with much easier replenishment of talent each campaign compared to schools with enrollment under 1,100.

Some of the top schools as far as club player volume goes are as follows:

High School TeamTotal
Bridgewater Raritan21
Hunterdon Central21
Old Bridge19
JP Stevens14
East Brunswick13
Fair Lawn10
St. Joe’s Metuchen8
Rancocas Valley7
South Brunswick7
Cherry Hill East6
Hopewell Valley5
Jackson Memorial5
St. Peter’s Prep5
Watchung Hills5
Wayne Valley5
North Brunswick4
Colts Neck3
Gloucester Tech3
Jackson Liberty3
Pope John3
Bergen Catholic2
Cherry Hill West2
Long Branch2
Morris Hills2
Northern Burlington2
Seton Hall Prep2
Wayne Hills2
Central Regional1
Donovan Catholic1
Freehold Boro1
Indian Hills1
Mountain Lakes1
Mt. Olive1
Paul VI1
Point Pleasant Boro1
Princeton Charter1
Red Bank Catholic1
Toms River East1
Union Catholic1
Washington Township1
West Caldwell Tech1
West Milford1

Pretty amazing numbers for SPF, Bridgewater Raritan, Hunterdon Central, and Old Bridge who can all fill an entire roster with club players. The mix of players will be important as to how many are playing on top clubs, age levels, skill levels, etc…

We did some additional analysis of upperclassman club players and SPF lead the way with 13, Hunterdon Central had 12, and BR had 11. Some other top teams were Old Bridge and Williamstown with 9, Ridge and Southern with 8, & CBA and Rancocas Valley with 7.

Upperclassman at the top level team of each club were as follows: SPF-12, Hunterdon Central-11, Southern-8, Ridge-7, WWPS-6, Fair Lawn, Passaic, Rancocas Valley and St. Joe’s Metuchen with 5, Hillsborough and Westfield with 4, and 9 teams with 3 including BR, St. Peter’s, East Brunswick, Union, Williamstown, Eastern, Gloucester Tech, Kinsway and Piscataway.

Here is the detailed breakout by individual and by team:

PlayerGrad YearClub TeamHigh School Team
Brian Mendoza2022Warren6Pack 17-2Bergen Catholic
Gio Perrone2021Warren6Pack 17-2Bergen Catholic
Michael Pazowski2022SOS 16-1Boonton
David Bayatmakou2020CJVA EH 18 BlackBridgewater Raritan
Alex Everett-Lopez2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackBridgewater Raritan
Hayden Lanum2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackBridgewater Raritan
Abishek Prakash2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackBridgewater Raritan
Gustavo Aguilar2022CJVA Flem 16 RedBridgewater Raritan
Matthew Tusim2022CJVA Flem 16 RedBridgewater Raritan
Shrihit Saxena2022CJVA Flem 16 RedBridgewater Raritan
Eitan Jentis2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkBridgewater Raritan
Alex Song2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkBridgewater Raritan
Eric Yao2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedBridgewater Raritan
Tyler Puyang2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedBridgewater Raritan
Jacob Pearlman2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedBridgewater Raritan
Andrew Gaffney2022Warren6Pack 16-3Bridgewater Raritan
Nathaniel Henry2022Warren6Pack 16-3Bridgewater Raritan
Conor Regan2022Warren6Pack 16-3Bridgewater Raritan
Zakaria Rahman2022Warren6Pack 16-3Bridgewater Raritan
Jacob Pascual2021Warren6Pack 17-3Bridgewater Raritan
Griffin Fieseler2020Warren6Pack 18-1Bridgewater Raritan
David Hinkle2020Warren6Pack 18-2Bridgewater Raritan
Jason Hinkle2020Warren6Pack 18-2Bridgewater Raritan
Peter Romayev2020Warren6Pack 18-2Bridgewater Raritan
Liam Crosby2023Warren6Pack 15-1CBA
Andrew Sasso2022Warren6Pack 16-1CBA
Max Massaro2022Warren6Pack 16-1CBA
Paul Davis2022Warren6Pack 16-2CBA
Thomas Ern2022Warren6Pack 16-2CBA
Matthew Wolfe2022Warren6Pack 16-2CBA
Francis Ruzich2022Warren6Pack 16-4CBA
Jack Dooling2021Warren6Pack 17-1CBA
Colin Stevens2021Warren6Pack 17-2CBA
Alex Conlon2021Warren6Pack 17-2CBA
John Doehner2021Warren6Pack 17-2CBA
Owen Rigney2021Warren6Pack 17-2CBA
Liam Sullivan2020Warren6Pack 18-3CBA
Blake Jaronko2021Warren6Pack 18-4CBA
Justin Wright2020Warren6Pack 18-1Central Regional
Caiden Hartzell2022CJVA EH 16 BlackChatham
Jack Colabraro2022CJVA EH 16 BlackChatham
Samuel Molina2021CJVA EH 18 BlackChatham
Nicholas Leon2020GSE 18-1Chatham
Nam Hoang2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteCherry Hill East
Eric Li2021SJVBC 18-2Cherry Hill East
Kelvin Yuan2022SJVBC 18-2Cherry Hill East
Daniel Habina2020SJVBC 18-2Cherry Hill East
Owen O’Connell2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteCherry Hill East
Ansh Mehta2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteCherry Hill East
Javion Saunders2020SJVBC 18-2Cherry Hill West
Zach Imperatore2020SJVBC 18-2Cherry Hill West
Conor Nachurski2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteCinnaminson
Jack Feldner2020SJVBC 18-1Cinnaminson
Kevin Bockius2020SJVBC 18-1Cinnaminson
Michael Krepula2020AVVC 18-1Colonia
Raihaan Rizwan2020AVVC 18-1Colonia
James Pridmore2021Warren6Pack 17-1Colts Neck
Dante Cano2020Warren6Pack 18-2Colts Neck
Tom Finnegan2020Warren6Pack 18-2Colts Neck
Tyler Murath2022Warren6Pack 16-4Donovan Catholic
David Mendes2022Warren6Pack 16-2East Brunswick
Leon Wang2022Warren6Pack 16-2East Brunswick
Aryan Patil2022Warren6Pack 16-3East Brunswick
Bora Arhan2022Warren6Pack 16-4East Brunswick
William Cassotis2022Warren6Pack 16-4East Brunswick
Kevin Ernst2021Warren6Pack 17-2East Brunswick
Cole Hutson2021Warren6Pack 17-3East Brunswick
Sebastain Milewski2020Warren6Pack 18-2East Brunswick
Justin Horowitz2020Princeton VC 18East Brunswick
Kush Oza2020Princeton VC 18East Brunswick
Ian Pember2021Princeton VC 18East Brunswick
Grant Reiter2022Princeton VC 16East Brunswick
Shaheer Saud2022Princeton VC 16East Brunswick
Caleb Bisbort2020SJVBC 18-1Eastern
Caden Haldeman2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteEastern
Issac Master2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteEastern
Shivam Bhalla2022CJVA EH 16 BlackFair Lawn
Massimo Caravalia2022SOS 16-1Fair Lawn
Cobey Sedaka2022SOS 16-1Fair Lawn
Itay Akad2022SOS 16-1Fair Lawn
Shane O’Shea2020SOS 18-1Fair Lawn
Gil Zyndorf2021Warren6Pack 17-1Fair Lawn
Alex Work2020Warren6Pack 18-1Fair Lawn
Mark Berry2020Warren6Pack 18-1Fair Lawn
Jack Centeno2020Warren6Pack 18-1Fair Lawn
Artem Novoselov2020Warren6Pack 18-3Fair Lawn
Connor Pennisi2022Warren6Pack 16-4Freehold Boro
Austin Wuest2020SJVBC 18-EliteGloucester Tech
Andrew Conlin2020SJVBC 18-EliteGloucester Tech
Silvio Mazzuca2020SJVBC 18-EliteGloucester Tech
Jalen Allen2021SOS 18-2Hackensack
Freddie Marchitto2020SOS 18-1Harrison
Gautam Agarwal2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHillsborough
Vinil Shah2022CORE 18-1Hillsborough
Matthew Wickman2021CORE 18-1Hillsborough
Lucas Lopez2021CORE 18-1Hillsborough
Bhavya Patel2022CORE 16-1Hillsborough
Sahil Ravula2022CORE 16-1Hillsborough
Andrew Guragno2020Warren6Pack 18-2Holmdel
Armaan Desai2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackHopewell Valley
Nicolas Lange2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHopewell Valley
Joseph Laitusis2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedHopewell Valley
Tristan Lee2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedHopewell Valley
Domenic Scaglione2020CORE 18-1Hopewell Valley
Samuel Rodrigues2023Warren6Pack 15-1Howell
Chris Mitchell2022Warren6Pack 16-1Howell
Collin Smith2022Warren6Pack 16-3Howell
Jake George2021Warren6Pack 17-1Howell
John Durann2020Warren6Pack 18-2Howell
Andrew Wang2022CJVA EH 16 BlackHunterdon Central
Corey Paulson2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackHunterdon Central
John Harwell2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackHunterdon Central
Will Kwietniak2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackHunterdon Central
Jack Antonello2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHunterdon Central
AJ DePaola2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHunterdon Central
Clinton Mason2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHunterdon Central
Derek Tyson2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHunterdon Central
Seth Gould2022CJVA Flem 16 RedHunterdon Central
Matthew D’Alessandro2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkHunterdon Central
Daniel Albano2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkHunterdon Central
Gavin Lefebvre2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedHunterdon Central
Ashton Escamilla2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Bradley Ritter2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Colin Burns2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Jonathan Facinelli2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Michael Pansari2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Tyler Hartman2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Randy Fisher2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Logan Prokopik2020CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Avery Gould2021CJVA Flem 18 BlackHunterdon Central
Jake O’Brien2021PowerZone 18Indian Hills
Dollir Churyumov2022Warren6Pack 16-4Jackson Liberty
Zachary Rowan2022Warren6Pack 16-4Jackson Liberty
Luke Brown2020Warren6Pack 18-3Jackson Liberty
Ben Fryc2021Warren6Pack 17-1Jackson Memorial
Konrad Bieniek2021Warren6Pack 17-1Jackson Memorial
Shane Neilan2020Warren6Pack 18-2Jackson Memorial
Alex Furlong2020Warren6Pack 18-3Jackson Memorial
Nick Furlong2020Warren6Pack 18-3Jackson Memorial
Mark Schlomann2020GSE 18-1Jefferson
Shane Conley2021GSE 18-1Jefferson
Andrew DuHaime2022GSE 16-1Jefferson
Auston Obsuth2022GSE 16-1Jefferson
Daniel Pugliano2022GSE 16-1Jefferson
Andrew Giampapa2022GSE 16-1Jefferson
Armaan Ghotra2022Warren6Pack 16-3JP Stevens
Sameer Singh2022Warren6Pack 16-3JP Stevens
Daniel Jin2021Warren6Pack 17-3JP Stevens
Sunny Chen2021Warren6Pack 17-3JP Stevens
Robert Chen2021Warren6Pack 17-3JP Stevens
Jonathon Bernstein2020Warren6Pack 18-1JP Stevens
Pramil Patel2021AVVC 18-1JP Stevens
Nathan Jiang2023AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Nishanth Justin2022AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Amaan Khan2022AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Kenneth Liggayu2022AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Aldrick Liu2023AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Ryan Orth2022AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Aaron Tan2022AVVC 16-1JP Stevens
Mahmoud Serour2020SOS 18-1Kearny
Douglas Ferrari2020SOS 18-1 PKearny
Nathan Aguilar2021SOS 18-2Kearny
Diego Rondon2020SOS 18-2Kearny
Kevin Chalaco2021SOS 18-2Kearny
Carter Tran2020SJVBC 18-EliteKingsway
Nick Poulson2020SJVBC 18-EliteKIngsway
Max Ma2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteKingsway
Marshall McCullough2022SOS 16-1Kinnelon
Ben Rothlauf2020PowerZone 18Lakeland
Kevin Wang2022CJVA EH 16 BlackLivingston
Owen Abeles2022CJVA EH 16 BlackLivingston
Joseph Wang2022CJVA EH 16 BlackLivingston
Joey Shi2023CJVA EH 16 BlackLivingston
Eric King2022SOS 16-1Livingston
Joshua Liu2022SOS 16-1Livingston
Kellan Sun2022SOS 16-1Livingston
Jonah Liu2020SOS 18-1Livingston
Jaden Ly2020SOS 18-1Livingston
Jared Ling2021SOS 18-2Livingston
Chris Lynum2022Warren6Pack 16-1Livingston
Mauricio Catalan2022Warren6Pack 16-3Long Branch
Jordan Reyes2020Warren6Pack 18-4Long Branch
Daniel Speicher2023Warren6Pack 15-1Manasquan
Fabian Alvarado2020CORE 18-1Manville
Justin Chin2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedMarlboro
Nick Brzoska2022Warren6Pack 16-1Marlboro
Dan Marino2021Warren6Pack 17-2Marlboro
Matthew Dagastino2021Warren6Pack 17-3Marlboro
Evan Uttamchandani2020CJVA EH 18 BlackMendham
Tim Flanagan2021Warren6Pack 17-2Mendham
Jason Lam2023CJVA EH 15 BlackMillburn
Max Zhu2022CJVA EH 16 BlackMillburn
Theodore Hackett2022CJVA EH 16 BlackMontclair
Hugo Pierrel2021SOS 18-2Montclair
James Piorkowski2021Warren6Pack 18-4Montclair
Atakan Yilmaz2020SJVBC 18-1Moorestown
Zach Moeller2021SJVBC 18-2Moorestown
Jack Duffy2021SJVBC 18-2Moorestown
Ryan Keating2020GSE 18-1Morris Hills
Aidan Keating2023GSE 16-1Morris Hills
Daniel Arias2020CJVA EH 18 BlackMorristown
Elliott Smith2020PowerZone 18Mountain Lakes
Jacob Soriano2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkMt. Olive
Pannum Raina2022Warren6Pack 16-2North Brunswick
Tobey Ezeonu2020Warren6Pack 18-1North Brunswick
Greg Chernyavsky2020Princeton VC 18North Brunswick
Jason Brower2022Princeton VC 16North Brunswick
Connor Mulryne2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteNorthern Burlington
Jacob Fryc2020Lehigh Valley 18 InfernoNorthern Burlington
Evan Jazmin2023Warren6Pack 15-1Old Bridge
Blake Krapf2023Warren6Pack 15-1Old Bridge
Jacob Krol2023Warren6Pack 15-1Old Bridge
Jason Layne2023Warren6Pack 15-1Old Bridge
Ethan Thai2023Warren6Pack 15-1Old Bridge
David Flores2022Warren6Pack 16-1Old Bridge
Pavlo Chernyshov2022Warren6Pack 16-2Old Bridge
Robert Obdyke2022Warren6Pack 16-2Old Bridge
Jeremy Smith2022Warren6Pack 16-3Old Bridge
Michael Tribianni2022Warren6Pack 16-3Old Bridge
Aaron LaPlaca2021Warren6Pack 17-1Old Bridge
Nicholas Schon2021Warren6Pack 17-2Old Bridge
Brian Snook2021Warren6Pack 17-3Old Bridge
Zachary Cuisinier2021Warren6Pack 17-3Old Bridge
Matthew Manfredi2021Warren6Pack 17-3Old Bridge
Jonny Ortega2020Warren6Pack 18-2Old Bridge
Jon Guzman2020Warren6Pack 18-3Old Bridge
Josh Blatt2020Warren6Pack 18-3Old Bridge
Evan Formoso2020Warren6Pack 18-4Old Bridge
Anthony Contreras2020GSE 18-1Passaic
Fernando Paredas2020GSE 18-1Passaic
Josh Ledesma2021GSE 18-1Passaic
Angel Larson2021GSE 18-1Passaic
Huriel Perez2021GSE 18-1Passaic
Raffaele Dicapua2021SJVBC 17-1 ElitePaul VI
Matthew Malecki2021SOS 18-2PCTI
Joshua Bernardo2020SOS 18-2PCTI
Daniel Rooney2020SOS 18-2PCTI
David Hermino2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkPiscataway
Craig Matthews2021CORE 18-1Piscataway
Tom O’Reilly2021CORE 18-1Piscataway
Jay Hyman2021Warren6Pack 17-3Point Pleasant Boro
Jake Jones2022AVVC 16-1Pope John
Colin Mills2021GSE 18-1Pope John
Jacob Jones2022GSE 16-1Pope John
Jack Fan2024Warren6Pack 15-1Princeton Charter
Tyler Myers2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkRancocas Valley
Noah Taylor2020SJVBC 18-EliteRancocas Valley
Cole Abegg2020SJVBC 18-EliteRancocas Valley
Sean Matheis2020SJVBC 18-EliteRancocas Valley
Jared Worrell2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteRancocas Valley
Xavier White2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteRancocas Valley
Caden Kelty2020Lehigh Valley 18 InfernoRancocas Valley
Alex Winans2022GSE 16-1Randolph
Eric Heirl2020Warren6Pack 18-2Red Bank Catholic
Joshua Castner2021CJVA EH 18 BlackRidge
Michael Henderson2020CJVA EH 18 BlackRidge
Ben Grossman2021CJVA EH 18 BlackRidge
William Harrison2021CJVA EH 18 BlackRidge
Brody Montag2021CJVA EH 18 BlackRidge
Sarthak Manan2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackRidge
Davis Hood2022CJVA Flem 16 RedRidge
Aidan Zhao2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkRidge
Justin Hong2021CJVA Flem 17-1 BlkRidge
Ross Bancken2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedRidge
Brian Patoilo2022GSE 16-1Roxbury
Patrick Rogers2022SOS 18-1Rutherford
William Guiltinan2022CJVA EH 16 BlackSeton Hall Prep
Daniel Fannick2024CJVA Flem 15 BlackSeton Hall Prep
Emilio Elechicon2020Princeton VC 18South Brunswick
Srikar Yerramilli2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Arnav Goel2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Arnav Deshpande2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Jay Jethva2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Akshay Mistry2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Prabhas Penumatsa2022Princeton VC 16South Brunswick
Justin Kean2020Southern VBC 18Southern
Tommy Deakyne2021Southern VBC 18Southern
Jack Healy2020Southern VBC 18Southern
John Barbieri2021Southern VBC 18Southern
CJ Schmidt2021Southern VBC 18Southern
Dylan Lockwood2021Southern VBC 18Southern
Nick Carrano2020Southern VBC 18Southern
Ethan Case2021Southern VBC 18Southern
Kevin Indoe2023Warren6Pack 15-1SPF
Nick Schmidt2023Warren6Pack 16-1SPF
Reese Condon2022Warren6Pack 16-2SPF
Anthony Ngumah2021Warren6Pack 17-2SPF
Nathaniel Sta Rosa2021Warren6Pack 17-2SPF
Braedon Cooke2020AVVC 18-1SPF
David Farin2021AVVC 18-1SPF
Malcolm Kahora2020AVVC 18-1SPF
Julian Rijo2021AVVC 18-1SPF
Daniel Sicinski2021AVVC 18-1SPF
Cody Allen2022AVVC 17-1SPF
Jake Bensulock2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Matthew Harvey2022AVVC 17-1SPF
Aidan Heifetz2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Amir Johnson2021AVVC 17-1SPF
James Lapidus2022AVVC 17-1SPF
Eamonn McGovern2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Nicholas Rayan2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Brodie Robertson2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Thomas Ziegler2021AVVC 17-1SPF
Quinn Donahue2022AVVC 16-1SPF
Chris Groom2022AVVC 16-1SPF
Michael Wojcik2024AVVC 16-1SPF
Jeremy Zimmerman2022AVVC 16-1SPF
Michael Weikum2022Warren6Pack 16-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
John Toolan2022Warren6Pack 16-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Jacob Franco2022Warren6Pack 16-2St. Joe’s Metuchen
Christian Trevino2021Warren6Pack 17-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Vaughn McConnell2020Warren6Pack 18-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Justin Monahan2020Warren6Pack 18-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Andrew Dekovics2021AVVC 18-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Dominic Petrocci2020AVVC 18-1St. Joe’s Metuchen
Joseph Parise2022SOS 16-1St. Peter’s Prep
Aidan Apito2021SOS 18-1St. Peter’s Prep
Ryan Karbowniczak2021SOS 18-1St. Peter’s Prep
Pius Mwemba2021Warren6Pack 17-3St. Peter’s Prep
Chris Larkin2020Warren6Pack 18-1St. Peter’s Prep
Liam Kriebel2020SJVBC 18-EliteSterling
Adam Witkowski2023CJVA EH 15 BlackSummit
Hunter Cantone2020PowerZone 18Summit
Patrick Bauman2020PowerZone 18Summit
Adaym Corbet2022Warren6Pack 16-4Toms River East
Ryan Lin2021CJVA EH 18 BlackUnion
Ethan Espino2020CJVA EH 18 BlackUnion
Justin Novoa2020SOS 18-1Union
Daniel Cavill2021AVVC 17-1Union Catholic
Jeremiah Bernardo2021PowerZone 18Vernon
Jake Walsh2021Warren6Pack 17-1Wall
Drew D’Agostino2020Warren6Pack 18-1Wall
Ryan Betz2020Warren6Pack 18-3Wall
Ian Hermanson2021SJVBC 18-2 EliteWashington Township
Jayden Sethi2022CJVA Flem 16 RedWatchung Hills
James Rhyner2022CJVA Flem 16 RedWatchung Hills
Sunwoo Park2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedWatchung Hills
Julian Kusch2023Warren6Pack 15-1Watchung Hills
Doyle Hunsiger2022CORE 16-1Watchung Hills
Reilly Mahler2021PowerZone 18Wayne Hills
Lucas Kim2021PowerZone 18Wayne Hills
Nikola Graic2022SOS 16-1Wayne Valley
Ryan Kwon2022SOS 16-1Wayne Valley
Anthony DePalma2020SOS 18-1Wayne Valley
Jakob MacDonald2020SOS 18-1 PWayne Valley
Zach Bussanich2020SOS 18-2Wayne Valley
Carlos Rivera2020CJVA EH 18 BlackWest Caldwell Tech
Ryan Thenell2021Warren6Pack 17-1West Milford
Douglas DeFigueirdo2020CJVA EH 18 BlackWestfield
David Broughton2020AVVC 18-1Westfield
Etan Zeller-Maclean2020AVVC 18-1Westfield
Benjamin Greeley2021AVVC 17-1Westfield
Brayden Abo2022AVVC 16-1Westfield
Micah Berger2022AVVC 16-1Westfield
Aiden Boorstein2020SJVBC 18-EliteWilliamstown
Juan Carlos Rodriguez2020SJVBC 18-EliteWilliamstown
Brett Herron2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteWilliamstown
Daniel Riggins2020SJVBC 18-2 EliteWilliamstown
John Myers2020SJVBC 18-1Williamstown
Cole McNellis2020SJVBC 18-1Williamstown
Steve 2020SJVBC 18-1Williamstown
Brenden Stell2020SJVBC 18-1Williamstown
Lorenzo Bonoma2021SJVBC 17-1 EliteWilliamstown
Lucas Kapala2020Princeton VC 18WWPN
Steven Gao2021CORE 18-1WWPS
Alex Yu2020Princeton VC 18WWPS
Tyler Tam2020Princeton VC 18WWPS
Dalton Williams2020Princeton VC 18WWPS
Leelanarasimha Konatham2021Princeton VC 18WWPS
Daniel Hu2020Princeton VC 18WWPS
William Zhang2022Princeton VC 16WWPS
Rayhaan Amjath2022Princeton VC 16WWPS
Maxwell Lu2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Brandon Ahn2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
William Wang2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Chris Chen2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Daniel Jablonski2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Sarp Yagiz2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Neil Ahlawat2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Spencer Thompson2023CJVA EH 15 BlackNot  Known
Jack Grogan2022CJVA EH 16 BlackNot  Known
Alexander Wang2022CJVA EH 16 BlackNot  Known
Spencer Ashnault2022CJVA EH 16 BlackNot  Known
Zachary Chung2022CJVA EH 16 BlackNot  Known
Milan Desai2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackNot  Known
Colin Fernandez2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackNot  Known
Akash Macha2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackNot  Known
Carter Tarpley2023CJVA Flem 15 BlackNot  Known
Brendan Davy2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackNot  Known
Roland Yang2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackNot  Known
Miraj Vakil2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackNot  Known
Ethan Fernandez2022CJVA Flem 16 BlackNot  Known
Nicholas Floyd2021CJVA Flem 17-2 RedNot  Known
Jonathan Mundaray2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Simon Bulawski2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Joshua In2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Sean Spring2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Matthew Pang2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Joseph Woodmansee2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Marcus Bulawski2022CORE 16-1Not  Known
Harrison Green2021PowerZone 18Not  Known
Max Finkelstein2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
Bethel Ai2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
Saahith kusupudi2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
William Lydon2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
Austin James Malabunga2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
Pradeep Sundaram2022Princeton VC 16Not  Known
Scott Schmitt2023Warren6Pack 15-1Not  Known
Casey Hoffman2022Warren6Pack 16-4Not  Known
Jan Gloor2020Warren6Pack 18-4Not  Known

Again, if any members of the NJ Volleyball community can help us identify unknown high schools for these club players, (including the players themselves) please forward input or feedback to

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