February 1, 2021 – By NJP

We have collected some of the NJ Boys High School highlight videos and will be posting them here. We invite all NJ boys players who have a video that is not currently posted here to send the link or the video to njpowerranking@gmail.com. Some great talent here.

Have fun watching…

Tommy Deakyne 21′ Southern Regional Rams
Aidan Apito 21′ St. Peters Prep & Rutgers Commit
Chris Lynum 22′ Livingston Lancers
Colin Stevens 21′ CBA Colts and
Christian Trevino 21′ St. Joe’s Metuchen – NJIT Commit
Aaron LaPlace 21′ Old Bridge Knights – Rutgers Commit
Ryan Thenell 21′ West Milford
Shane Conley 21′ Jefferson Rams – NJCU Commit
Nathan Aguilar 21′ Kearny
Tim Flanagan 21′ Mendham – Beach Volleyball
Steven Gao 21′ WWPS
Ryan Karbowniczak 21′ St. Peter’s Prep
Santiago Lopez 21′ Kearny
Gil Zyndorf 21′ Fair Lawn Cutters
Dollir Churyumov (#11) 22′ Jackson Liberty Lions
Dan Marino 21′ Marlboro
Josh Ledesma 21′ Passaic
Spencer Boakye 21′ Union High School
Ethen Lugo 22′ Kearny

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