July 31, 2021 – By NJP

So the results are in for both men’s and women’s beach volleyball “Beat the NJP Predictor” contest. Thanks to these wonderful members of the NJ volleyball community for participating. For those that fell short, phase 2 will start shortly where we pick medalists.

On the men’s side, it came right down to the very last game played. It turned out to be a 3-way battle between Georgian Court Women’s Head Coach Dan Sempkowski, Former St. Peter’s Marauder and future Rutger’s Newark Outside Aidan Apito, and wait… who was the third one? Oh, yes… NJP!!!

I believe they say you have to actually beat the current champ to become champ… It ended in a 3-way tie for first place with all three going 18-6 with their picks. Star NJP contributor and writer Josh Wilets finished just off the pace at 16-8. And TCU commit and current Mendham standout Sarah Wilcock eased in with a 12-12 record.

Congratulations to Aidan and Coach Dan for bringing their “A” game to get even with NJP!!!

The Women’s side of the grid also was a tie. Coach Dan again equaled NJP at 18-6 with Aidan Apito at 15-9, and both Josh and Sarah finishing at 12-12. Way to go Coach Dan!!!

We are also publishing the current state of affairs on the indoor side of things. NJIT commit and former Fair Lawn setter Gil Zyndorf appears to be in the driver seat on the men’s side but there are a few more games to be played. The Women’s side is still wide open but Aidan Apito, NJCU and Team Freedom Head Coach Carlo Edra, Sarah, and Coach Dan again have the inside track… stay tuned.


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