October 28, 2021 – By NJP

With the state tournament about to start, we have re-launched our “Bracketology” page for the Fall State Tournament. This page will replace our nightly NJP Predictor selections and all game predictions through the end of the season will be noted in the “Brackets”.

The NJP brackets discloses the current rating of each team in the presentation. The team with the higher rating will be NJP’s selection to win. You can apply the difference between the two teams ratings as the average points in any given set. Thus if one team has a 22 rating and the other an 18, we expect a 4 point average margin in each set. When the rating difference is less than 1 point, we expect that match to go three sets.

The “Bracketology” page is on the main menu on the home page.

It can also be reached via this link… https://njpowerranking.com/njp-spring-girls-bracketology/

You may want to bookmark that link for easy access. Our Brackets are all contained on one page so you can easily scroll to see game scores in each bracket as well as mini recaps for every game.

We hope this will be a fun area for you to visit during the state playoffs through the end of the year. The TOC grid and bracket will be included at the appropriate time.

Last years completed brackets for both girls and boys remain on the page. It was interesting to look at the Spring grid to refresh last years tournament and the winners…

All feedback welcome at njpowerranking@gmail.com

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