September 20, 2022

Here are some analytics stats for you number crunching geeks that you might find informative and interesting…

NJ Girls HS volleyball has played 766 total games through Monday night…

Here is an analysis of games played per day on average…

439 matches have been won by the home team and 327 have been won by the visiting team. Home court advantage is ahead 57% to 43%.

25.5% of games go to three sets. Of the games going to three sets, 55% have been won by the home team and 45% by the visitor.

51% of all third set wins are from teams who won the first set… so much for momentum.

Third set point distribution is as follows:

12% go to OT (loser scoring at least 24 points)

27% the loser scores 21-23 points

39% the loser scores 16-20 points

19% the loser scores 10-15 points

3% the loser scores less than 10 points

There have been 68,972 points this season so far in the 766 games

There has been 8,540 aces made this season which amounts to 11/game or one out of every 8 points

For fun (estimated):

92% of all fans look at their cell phones during the match

24% of players look at their cell phone during matches (or former players after their coaches see them)

99% of players bring some sort of snack to the game (power bars, orange wedges, rice pudding, cotton candy, burritos, ribs, ice cream sandwiches, etc…)

64% of fans are afraid to eat at concession stands (the other 36% are boys <19 years old)

31% of games start on time

4% of live feeds of games work perfectly

Successful pancakes per game per team = .20

Fans who brings sandwiches to the game: South Jersey fans bring hoagies, Central Jersey fans bring heroes, North Jersey fans bring subs…

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