September 21, 2022

Do you know every (well, almost every) mascot for every school team in NJ? We compiled a list to use as a table in our database and thought we would share it with the NJ volleyball community. We are missing some… maybe they don’t have mascot? Help us out if you can and take a look and also make sure we have your school right.

We have posted the “male” versions of the mascot but always consider the female version for our girls coverage. Trying to make the distinction is always difficult so we could use your help there as well… for example… a Bear or an Eagle is gender neutral. But a Minutemen is a Minutewomen? A Minutemaid? Yes, we can use your help. For a Buccaneer is it Lady Buccaneer? Or Doeaneer? Dang, we don’t know…

Which are the most used? We have thirteen sets of Panthers, and Lion, and Tigers! Oh My! And some one-time unusual team names such as the Zebras, the Stateliners, the Seraphs, the Purple Roses, and the Piners, as well as the Miller, the Griffins, the Garnet Gulls, the Ghosts, The Casey’s, the Cabos, the Argonauts, and the Aviators. Quite a collection.

What do you think is the most unique?

Here is the list…


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